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All pages
Account Administrator section
Add Other membersAdd new Partners and their usersAdd new modules
Add news itemsAdd or edit Administrator
AuthorisationAvailable nationalities per moduleBarometer
Barometer Administrator section
Comparison module
Content EditorCreate/edit/delete Partners and Other members
Create/edit/delete Partners or Other membersCreate/edit/delete content pagesCreate Partner groups
Create account with overlapping partnersCreate new modulesCreating new accounts/deactivating existing accounts
Current situation pageData entry moduleDelete Partners or Other Members
Delete news itemDifferent environmentsEdit Partners or Other Members
Edit account colours and styleEdit account settingsEdit email text
Edit existing modulesEdit invitation textEdit news item
Entering figuresExport list of Administrators
Language settings
Link modules and accountsLinking several Partners to one user
Main PageMain pageManage Accounts
Manage SettingsManage Users/PartnersManage accounts
Managing the landing pageModule pages
NewsNews management
Nieuwsberichten toevoegen en beheren
Partner/Other Members section
Profile management page
SandboxSend invitations to Partners (collective and individual)Send username and password to Partners and Other members (collective and individual)
SettingsText modules
Upload a landing page logoUpload images/files