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Two accounts may have overlapping partners – this can happen if two accounts are in overlapping regions, such as the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and the province North Holland. However, doubly entering results is cumbersome and therefore undesirable. To avoid having to double up, it is possible to include partners in both accounts and duplicate the results.

In order to do this, for each account a partner is created, however one will be the ‘main partner’ and one the ‘sub-partner’. The ‘main partner’ account is the one where the results are entered. The ‘sub-partner’ account is the one where the partner is linked to, meaning the results are automatically copied to it. This applies to all results, both new and past ones, as well as related notes.

Please note: once a partner has been created, it cannot subsequently be linked to a ‘main partner’. Neither can a link be removed once it has been created.

To create an account with overlapping partners, follow these steps:

1. Select 'Partners' in the menu on the left-hand side of the screen and click on 'Add new partner' afterwards.

2. Create the ‘main partner’ as described under Add Partner in Add new Partners and their users

3. Next, go to the Account Administrator section of the second account and log in to create the ‘sub-partner’.

4. When logged into this second Account, start directly from the ‘Welcome’ screen of the account management section the module 'Users/partners' or select 'Users/partners' in the module selection on top of the page.

5. Select 'Partners' in the menu on the left-hand side of the screen and select 'Add new partner' afterwards.

6. Fill in the following fields:

Name         : Name of the Partner. The name of the Partner may only be entered once in the system.
Active       : Tick the box. A Partner is usually active, but may be deactivated in certain circumstances. 
               For example, if a museum or attraction is closed for extended period of time (at least 1 year) or is closed permanently. 
               This means that the data remains in the system, but that the Partner no longer appears in invitation lists and so forth.
URL          : Link to the Partner’s website. Note! The URL needs to be complete, including ‘http://’ at the beginning.
Hoofdpartner : In the selection box, select the account and the name of the main partner to which the sub-partner should be linked.

Click the 'Save' botton to save the partner.

7. Now this sub-partner can also be linked to one or several modules. Select the required module under 'Add module' and then click ‘add’. The module name appears on top of the screen. Make sure you select the same module as in the ‘main partner’ account.

Used in Manage Users/Partners

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